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4th Street Theater is located in downtown Chesterton Indiana. We are an active member of the Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theater Foundation, a member of American Association of Community Theatre, and The Duneland Chamber of Commerce .


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4th Annual 6x10 Play Festival

Auditions: Saturday, July 22 at 3PM and Sunday, July 23 at 7PM

Performance Dates

August 25, 26, 27, September 1, 2, & 3, 2017

All performances are at 8 pm except Sundays, which begin at 3 pm.

This year we have expanded to 10 ten minute plays, all world premiers, will be performed at the 4th Street Theater. We had 94 submissions this year and most of the plays were selected entries submitted within a 200 mile radius of Chesterton.


Red Kite Treasure Adventure

Sunday, October 8, 2017

North Coast Cultural Association, Inc. and 4th Street Theater present Red Kite Treasure Adventure written, directed and performed by the Chicago Children's Theatre.

Red Kite Treasure Adventure is an interactive theatrical experience with live music and sensory moments created specifically for young people on the autism spectrum. In a safe and judgment free environment our youthful audience members are encouraged to move, laugh, talk, sing and interact with actors (if they choose to), rather than being held to the traditional audience standard of sitting still and keeping mostly quiet.

Do to the nature of the performance and the small audience size, all attendees must register in advance. Please click here to fill out our form to be contacted.


The Primary English Class

Tickets: will go on sale in August

Performance Dates

November 2017

All performances are at 8 pm except Sundays, which begin at 3 pm.

Written by: Israel Horovitz
Directed by Rob Hunt.
Synopsis: The setting is a classroom where an eager young teacher is about to tackle her first assignment—teaching basic English to a group of new citizens, not one of whom speaks the same language as another. Included are an excitable Italian, an over-eager Frenchman, a near-sighted German, an elderly Chinese woman and a Japanese girl. The one thing that they manage to convey to each other is that their respective names all mean "wastebasket," but struggle as she will, the teacher, Debbie, is hard-pressed to bring them beyond this point of communication. Fortunately the voice of an offstage translator enables the audience to understand what those onstage cannot comprehend, but this does not help the sorely pressed Debbie, whose frustration is increased by her fear of a mugger lurking outside the door. Rigid and pedagogical at first, she becomes more frantic and desperate as her lack of success with her charges mounts, and the wonderfully funny misunderstandings multiply, until, at last, all self-control (and sanity) vanish into total, and totally hilarious, panic.

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