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Fourth Annual 6x10 Play Festival - August 2017

Call for Scripts for the Fourth Annual 6x10 Play Festival


  1. Plays will be accepted for consideration beginning Wednesday, March 1st and the submissions will close on Monday, May 1st at 6:00PM Central Time. Plays submitted after that time will not be considered.
    Selections will be announced on Tuesday, May 30th.

    No submissions will be accepted before March 1st

  2. A cover page that includes title of play, playwright's name, playwright's complete address, phone number and email. Playwrights name cannot appear anywhere within the play itself. If it does, the play will not be considered.

  3. Plays are to be no more than ten pages in length, no multiple scenes, no extensive set requirements.
  4. No more than six characters.
  5. If the play is a collaboration, the info requested in number one of this list is required for both parties. If this is a collaboration, at least one of the playwrights must reside within the two hundred mile radius limitation.
  6. We will have at least one spot for playwrights more than 200 miles of Chesterton, Indiana
  7. Plays submitted will not be returned and should not have been produced anywhere else.
  8. Please do not ask for special consideration for any of these requirements.
  9. No feedback will be given on plays not selected.
  10. Everyone will be contacted by email for selected and not selected plays.
  11. There is no entry fee.
  12. Each playwright may submit a maximum of two scripts for review.
  13. Preferred method of submission is email to or via US mail to Linda Pauli, 1937 Texas St., Chesterton, IN 46304. No other methods of delivery will be accepted
  14. Failure to follow these guidelines for submission will automatically disqualify a script(s) from consideration.
  15. By submitting a script for consideration, the playwright agrees that the 4th Street Theater may produce the script during the Festival. The playwright agrees to waive any royalty for the production of the piece in the festival and relinquishes all rights to casting decisions or scenic choices.

For further information, contact Linda Pauli, Festival Producer, at

Information on director application guidelines as well as auditions for actors will be posted after the plays are selected.

Performance Dates

August 2016